Interactive light installation at the Sea World International Light Festival in Shenzhen, China, from December 2016 - February 2017.

Sneaky Serpents is an interactive underwater light installation by the Tropism Art & Science Collective, first shown at the 2014-2015 edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Like frogs in a pond, these light snakes start to come out of their hiding places as soon as the first snake dares to appear. They produce a slight hissing sound.
Then, when frightened by a sudden sound, like clapping hands of the visitors, they will disappear quickly back to their dens.
Until, after a while, one dares to emerge again…

Often the audience is be divided by those who don't want to disturb the snakes, as they want to see them and those who do want to disturb them, as they want to experience the interactivity.
Interactions between those two groups of visitors are quite enjoying.

Tropism Art & Science Collective
Robin Noorda, Menno Schrap, Paul Godschalk, Alfred Marseille
Special thanks to Louis Godschalk and Marieke van der Velden

Production: PIN projects, Beijing

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