Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, 1 june - 15 September 2013

WIth: Robin Noorda, Alfred Marseille, Bethany de Forest, Margot van de Stolpe and guests

An exhibition with (mainly) photographs depicting the world of plants, using unusual, often scientific, visualisation techniques. 

Back in 1987, Bob van Walderveen, Robin Noorda and I formed an artist group called Tropism. For eight years, we made exhibitions and performances about things that happen in the corner of your eyes. In 1995 Bob suddenly passed away and the rest of us went on doing other things. 

Now, Tropism is back. Summer 2013, we started  with a large exhibition in the Hortus in Amsterdam, where I was showing part of my series "Walking around trees" and Durum Numeris, the second part of the Public Thought project Facts and Figures, with poet Jan Baeke. 

More at www.tropisme.nl